Version: 1.0b001
Release Notes
System requirements: Mac OS 10.5 or 10.6
Adobe Creative Suite CS4

Join Text & Join Lines

Many programs will output text as disconnected individual objects. "Join Text" will reconnect selected text objects according to their LTR position while maintaining subscripts and superscripts.

"Join Lines" will connect selected lines in top to bottom order, with or without adding return at the end of every line.

Auto Size

Scales the art so that the average point size of every character is your desired value.


One click to apply your custom save settings.

Export tif

One click and your image heavy vector file can be in Photoshop with all of the vector data intact and ready to edit.


Now you can use Acrobat’s built in OCR technology to save time and increase accuracy.

If you work in Adobe Illustrator, contact us at and we can make your life easier.

  "Join Text" Example


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